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Re: [EVDL] LED Taillights - a money saver in gas cars? -rangeextenderin EV's? - an an

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Re: [EVDL] LED Taillights - a money saver in gas cars? -rangeextenderin EV's? - an an

That sounds similar to what I calculated (years ago) on my car, also.
(Similar setup to the Gizmo.)

I stopped by a MC shop for a part and forgot to turn the lights off.
Someone came running in to tell me I would run out of power. <g> I
finished my shopping... and later calculated it was about the power to
pull out of the parking lot.

David Nelson wrote:
> As a simple test I decided to get an estimate on how much range I use
> in my Gizmo by running the accessories. What I did was start with a newly
> charged pack which had sat only about an hour after topping off. I plugged
> it in again and recorded how many KWh it used to do the finish charge (I
> have a Zivan NG1). Then I turned everything on including the one headlight
> except the CD/Radio and left it for an hour and then charged the pack
> again. The difference was 0.09KWh as read at the wall which means the
> actual use at the batteries was even less than that. Granted one test
> isn't enough to establish an true value but it showed that I use more than
> that much just pulling out of my driveway.
> David Nelson

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