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Re: [EVDL] LED Taillights - a money saver in gas cars? -rangeextenderin EV's? - an an

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Re: [EVDL] LED Taillights - a money saver in gas cars? -rangeextenderin EV's? - an an

Looking at safety issues, LED lights turn on quicker than incandescent
bulbs, allowing quicker response times. If your LED tail lights turn on
200 ms sooner, at 65 MPH that SUV in your rear window will stop 19.1
feet sooner. I put LED lights on my travel trailer, and when you turn
on the marker lights or hit the brakes, the travel trailer lights up
first, then the incandescent lights show on the pickup. It seems
strange at first, until you get used to what is going on. Also, a
disabled vehicle on the side of the road, ICE, with one marginal
battery, will have the emergency flashers work longer through the night,
warning others.

The cost of LED lights can be a bit much, but if you just save one
fender or rear bumper on your favorite EV............


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That sounds similar to what I calculated (years ago) on my car, also.
(Similar setup to the Gizmo.)

I stopped by a MC shop for a part and forgot to turn the lights off.
Someone came running in to tell me I would run out of power. <g> I
finished my shopping... and later calculated it was about the power to
pull out of the parking lot.

David Nelson wrote:
> As a simple test I decided to get an estimate on how much range I use
> in my Gizmo by running the accessories. What I did was start with a
> charged pack which had sat only about an hour after topping off. I
> it in again and recorded how many KWh it used to do the finish charge
> have a Zivan NG1). Then I turned everything on including the one
> except the CD/Radio and left it for an hour and then charged the pack
> again. The difference was 0.09KWh as read at the wall which means the
> actual use at the batteries was even less than that. Granted one test
> isn't enough to establish an true value but it showed that I use more
> that much just pulling out of my driveway.
> David Nelson

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