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Re: [EVDL] LED Taillights - a money saver in gas cars? - >rangeextenderin EV's? - an

storm connors wrote:
> I am using a laptop computer brick feeding a solar controller. It is on all
> the time unless I open the pack splitting breaker. It is feeding a full
> sized marine battery and I have had no problem.

That's a clever trick! Many newer laptop power supplies output 15v or
more, and a solar controller can knock this down and control it to
become a proper battery charger. The laptop supplies are pretty well
sealed, which solves the dirt/moisture problems. They are universal
input (90-250vac), which means no voltage doubler so they work on DC.

The only drawback is a fairly low power level, so a bigger accessory
battery is needed to cover those long drives on a dark and rainy night.
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