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Re: [EVDL] Lee's light bulb regulator

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Re: [EVDL] Lee's light bulb regulator

This may be a little OT but I was thinking about the LBR from another
angle . Designing something where the parts do 2 or more thing at
the same time . Some examples that came to mind . 1 the old blinker
relay's that also make a noise to let you know the turn signal is on
and use the load of the light to set the speed of the flasher . When a
turn single bulb goes out they would flash faster. So you'd get 3
functions all from the simple blinker ,, It's funny , they now have
improved it with a chip and lots of parts , don't know if the improved
model lets you know if a bulb is out . 2 The old curtis controller
would wine when driving slow , letting people know an EV was moving .
The LBR has 2/3's of its parts doing 2 jobs and 1/3 doing 3 jobs. The
wire terminal is also a heat sink for the zener, the light bulb is a
constant current resistor , a fuse and can trigger a light sensor to
shut down a charger ( and it dose give data on the health of the
batteries and regulator ).
I was working on an improved LBR were the diode makes a
transistor come on and light a bigger light , also had some caps but
with all these parts it became undependable . One big problem with
most battery regulators is when the don't work they can hurt the
battery and you may not even know there not working . Lee's LBR seem
to have this covered also as if the zener burns out as in on then the
light bulb will burn out and not kill the battery , it will also let
you know its not working buy not lighting . The only big flaw in it
is that the inventor can't make any money from it . But as this will
only effect one person , I guess we can live with that :-0.
Steve Clunn

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