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Re: [EVDL] looking for "almost toast" batteries in Denver area

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Re: [EVDL] looking for "almost toast" batteries in Denver area

Hi Carl,

Congrats with your truck!
Let us know if you need help on the electronics or other
issues with the US Electricar.

You can try to find EAA members in your area via two ways,
besides this list:
- check if there is a local chapter in your area on
- browse the EV Album and search by location to find others
with EVs:

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Anybody in the Denver area have 7 or 8 "almost toast" batteries in the PC1200 size range? I'm trying to resurrect a US Electricar S10 and have 19 very viable batteries and the rest are toast. I would like to complete the pack for a couple dozen cycles so I can get through the troubleshooting and get this thing running and registered before the end of the year - then I'll get a new pack when things start to warm up in the spring. PC1200's measure 7 11/16" long, 6 1/2"" wide, 6 5/8" tall.


Carl Clifford
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