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Re: [EVDL] magnetic shaft coupling?More Comments.

Looks like you guys are looking at a electronic version of the olde
Buick, Dyna Flow as fitted to the "Roadmonsters", of 40-50 years ago?All
this fa-da-rah, ya may as well go with a sorta perfected Automatic Tranny,
and be done with it? The SLIP thing we can do without in EV's, we have
current multliplication in our solid state controllers,DC Transformer, if
you will. Never used over 20 amp @ 120 volts to MOVE A BUILDING! I moved my
3 car garage, using the Jetta and a herd of PVC rollers to shift it over 25'
to make room to pour a new floor. Operating like a land based tugboat
docking the Titanic; A tug here, nudge there. You folks that have scene my
green (Red Sox Green) garage?Same color as Fenway Park. Sox doing good this
year. Anyhow, EV's, with their electric Locomotive heritage, are fantastic
PULLERS, and Rapture smooth! Used to pull small stumps with my Rabbit!
Moving buildings? Great tool!

But still love my direct drive and the wonder of PWM or what EVer the
Rapters are? To just be wafted, effortlessly away. In some ways we have
improved over the Bakers, Detroits, Hupp- Yeats, Milburns, etc of a
forgotten era of motordom. But ya have to admit the oldies had a certain
charm EVen a Tesla can't match?

All this blather about a Tesla having a Ony 200 mile range? Sheeesh! IF
it would run FOREVER, around the world at the Equator, on one charge, IF
there was a road? STILL somebody would pitch a bitch as it didn't do
SOMETHING just right? Not enough Cupholders? No Cassette player? No trailer
towing package<g>? And it won't charge in FIVE minutes? They keep raising
the bar.I would be happy with my Jetta's range and performance IF there were
400 amp possable Charge Stations about EVery 50 miles along the Interstates,
and major towns. Sorta like long Forgotten Bob Aronson's set up between
Detoilet and Chicago, I-94 , 300 miles worth ,wired for charging, at 240
volt 3 faze service drops. We used an Amtrak like plug, the kind you see on
ALL modern passenger trains, to pass power from car to car.Small enough for
a normal guy or gal to plug an' unplug, BIG enough to handle 500 amps!His
charger could do 250 amps on the level, and 300 down hill , IF ya Pushed
and babysat it! I TRIED to find the setups behind the Holiday Inns, a few
years ago, but EVerything has changed since then(1969-72) DUH! or so. Think
of what Rich Rudman could build ,Charger wise, if the charge stations
offered 240 volts 3 faze at 100-200 AMPS? A PFC-200-300 ??? YEEAAH! Hafta
build a few Nukes to supply it?

Just a few thoughts this mourning

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> Got a theoretical question for the engineers out there to shoot down ;)
> Would it be possible to create a magnetically coupled torque converter
> using
> permanent and or electromagnets?

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