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Re: [EVDL] Magnetic Shock Absorber & EV, Variations of a Theme

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>I think bose (the sound engineer) has been doing a lot of work in that
> area and was recently claiming to have invented recovering energy from
> the active suspension via electronics and magnets etc.

Hi EVerybody;

Seems I remember a proposal , YEARS ago. to put an active pad or some
setup when cars and trux ran over it, it would capture that energy, and,
maybe ,hydralicly? Recover enough energy to be useful? With millions of cars
passimng every day, you could capture energy. Of course the energy is
"Taken" from cars, which got it from gas, and Diseasel, to begin with.Maybe
a setup like this on a downgrade, where cars would be downshifting and
braking? Like catching ocean wave power, probably not cost effective. But
when I look out to sea and think of the power wasted in those Greyhound Bus
size waves crashing in.

Sea ya

Bill Dube wrote:
>> I was working on a solar car project years ago and we briefly looked
>> into active suspensions. The magnetic approach was much heavier than
>> the piezo-electric approach.
>> If you think about it, any damping action in the suspension is a loss
>> of energy. Thus, the lowest rolling resistance is achieved with the
>> stiffest suspension. We figured that if you captured the losses, yyou
>> could have it both ways; a soft suspension that was easy on tires and
>> helped handling, and we could capture the losses.
>> Bill D.
>> At 10:23 PM 10/6/2007, you wrote:
>>> > it would be very much but I don't have any data to back that up. I
>>> > know that passing them through a coil hooked up to a galvanometer
>>> > caused a sharp needle deflection but the duration was much shorter
>>> and
>>> I meant that the needle deflection was much shorter in duration than
>>> using a much weaker bar magnet. It is almost like the magnet is so
>>> strong that the fields don't stray very far and yet holding one in
>>> your hand over a meter away from a running overhead projector caused
>>> the magnet to vibrate.
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