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Re: [EVDL] Magnetic Shock Absorber & EV

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Re: [EVDL] Magnetic Shock Absorber & EV

> ...
> answer 1. We traveled on level ground at 55 MPH and stopped when voltage
> dropped to 80 volts DC
> answer 2. We are using Trojan T145 batteries 16 X 6 volt for a total of 96
> volts with an Advanced DC L91-4003 motor
> ...

There's part of how you get your range - you're murdering your
batteries! 80V/16=5V end-of-discharge. You're discharging 6V batteries
down to 5V! That's like discharging 12V batteries to 10V!

Most EVers only discharge a 12V battery to 11 or 12V minimum, so that
the batteries last longer. (They start near 14V or higher.) The lower
voltage you discharge them to, the sooner the batteries wear out and
die; your van's batteries are really getting hammered when you drive
so far on them.

-Morgan LaMoore

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