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Re: [EVDL] Magnetic Shock Absorber & EV

Force of air drag times distance equals energy required
The lowest Cd I found for a Dodge Caravan was .35, and the lowest area
was 30 square feet.
25.7 kWh

Energy in 16 T-105's (using 6 hour rate even though he's at 3 hour
rate, ignoring Peukert's effect):
19.7 kWh

He's only 20% short! However, you have to add in rolling resistance
losses, he'll be farther behind. It would take a really deep discharge
to go 150 miles, and you'd be destroying the batteries.

That said, it was a lot closer than I expected, so if there was even a
downwards slope of a few percent, they might be able to do it.

And yeah, the magnetic shocks make sense, if you could get big enough
magnets. I don't know how they'd help range, though.

-Morgan LaMoore

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