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Re: [EVDL] Magnetic Shock Absorber & EV

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Re: [EVDL] Magnetic Shock Absorber & EV

Bose ( the sound guy) has done a lot of active electric suspension work
recently and claims to have invented energy recovery from the movement
of a cars suspension.

David Nelson wrote:
>> So, how much energy would we get if we converted all of the suspension
>> movement into electricity? I suspect the total would be trivial on
>> most roads, as these components would get uncomfortably hot generating
>> anything over a couple hundred watts/hour. Best-case, you'd be lucky
>> to add 1% to an EV's range - not what most would consider money
>> well-spent.
> I'm not sure. Magnetic damping effects decrease exponentially with
> decreasing speed. I know from reading Tesla Motors blogs that they had
> to put a big water bag in the passenger's seat with tubes running to
> each of the shocks to keep them cool while they did the accelerated
> wear tests. While the there would be some energy capture I doubt that
> it would be very much but I don't have any data to back that up. I
> know that passing them through a coil hooked up to a galvanometer
> caused a sharp needle deflection but the duration was much shorter and
> the magnet had to be in very close proximity to the coil, ie. the coil
> couldn't be too large compared to the size of the magnet. Some, if not
> all, of the shake flashlights use a neodymium magnet. I have one with
> a single white led and what looks like a 1F capacitor where 60sec of
> shaking gives about 20min of usable light (meaning it is getting a
> little dim but you could still walk down a dark path ok.)
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