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Re: [EVDL] Magnetic Shock Absorber & EV

I thought about this many times, even before I got into EV's.
Maybe enough to offset the usage in some energy used in an active
suspension system. ie hitting a bump throws the wheel up, and the
circuit begins to slow the overshoot before it impacts the body, then a
portion of that energy is used to return the wheel to proper ride
position faster than either gravity or the spring without overshoot.

For that matter, I sometimes wonder why ICE cars have alternators at
all(no I don't they are cheap, and need service.) If over 70% of the
energy in a gallon of gas is wasted as heat, why not have a thermocouple
battery or even peltier pile on the exhaust manifold to recharge the
battery. This is dangerously off topic unless it could make a range
extender trailer better than integrated ICE drive. In otherwords
compensate for some of the excess conversions that make range extender
trailers worse mpg than just running the gas alone.

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