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Re: [EVDL] Mo' [email protected] bux each!

All that babbling, below, on and I forgot the Bottom Line!85 each, NO
discount for volume. Place 3 miles down the road.Thought ya would never ask.
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Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2007 8:35 PM
Subject: [EVDL] Mo' Batteries!

> Hi EVerybody;
> Well, I did it! Went out and BOUGHT some new batteries(Gasp!) I went to
> my Interstate guy, right here in Killingworth. Asked them to sit down, the
> shock could have a dire effect?! I arrrived, this AM, in my faithful
> trusty Ford van, my beast of burden, laden with 12 beaten to death, blown
> up DEAD T-105's and others. They are worth FIFTEEN bux, each, dead or
> alive, topless or how EVer they are dressed. Loaded up with the Interstate
> version of the US 2200's, Workahaulics They are pretty, will go nicely,
> silver grey in the silver grey Nissan Sentra. They EVen had posts I can
> actually USE, the offset automotive posts with the hole in it. Sigh.
> Thinking of recasting them WITHOUT the hole, put a mould over then and
> melt-fill the thing up solid.I think the Del City cast terminals will
> "Bite" them OK. This Isn't gunna be a racer, more an upgrade(Big One) from
> a City Car in performance. Something you can run, say 5-10 miles each way
> to work on Citi Streets. Top speed of, maybe 60?!
> I drove a 72 volt Rabbit a few years ago and was impressed with it's
> feather lite handling and decent road performance, It DID get up to 60,
> with lousy batteries, with a Curtis, EVen. I have run quicker trains!
> Acela comes to mind<g>! But as David sez; Racing isn't EVerything. But it
> is more fun than wars to develop technology! So I got a 8 battey wrack in
> the trunk, already, and a 4 pack in front, so I won't need power steering.
> Next two goodies is controller. I picked out an Alltrax, 72 volt at 450
> amps, no tire smoke here, but around 500 bux, I picked up and looked at a
> few, off the Alltrax shelf, when there, last month. Next thing will be a
> cheepo charger? I am trying to keep costs reasonable. Any ideaz? Who
> makes a small 72 volter 10-15 amps out, Like a K and W? Maybe THEY do?
> It's a building block type car. It's new guy wants to go faster the
> Impulse 9" will be strong enough to do decently? Stuff in MORE batteries
> to go faster and a Zilla, A PFC 50 too if ya like?Thinking of a hot water
> heater, pumping water through the existing heater core. No I DON'T want to
> take the #$%& heater apart! Four /50 A/C 4 windoz down-50 MPH.
> I maybe put the cart before the horse here, I doin't really NEED the
> batteries, as the motor isn't EVen IN the car, yet. Buyt EVerybody in the
> battery biz, I taslked to, sez" Buy NOW, they are going up Sept" So I took
> the hint.
> Shameless plug here.; Check out Del City for your terminal and
> connecter, needs. They shipped from Milwaukee in a few daze. Easy to shop
> with.If I'm happy with a supplyer, ya will hear about it here<g>! That
> and 5 bux will get ya a coff of cuppee at $tarbux.
> Seeya
> Back to China bashing and stuff.
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