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Re: [EVDL] Moonsoon madness S10 runs again

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Re: [EVDL] Moonsoon madness S10 runs again

I got in 2 runs before the 20mph headwind I had turned into a 45mph
duststorm.So with the bad weasther approaching I had a terrible 1st run with the tires
spinning hard for a good 80 feet.( brushes closer to neutral).Relizing there
was to much torque I reset the brushes to where they were last week.The 2nd run
was a little better than last weeks best run(even with the direct 20mph wind)
almost 105mph at 13.002.I still think the s10 will go 110 /112mph within 8
more practice passes.I will have to work on the 60 feet though to inprove the
slow et. Remember this is a full on street truck driven daily,Its
so much fun................ Dennis Berube

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Re: [EVDL] Moonsoon madness S10 runs again

Hello to Dennis and All,

[email protected] wrote:

>I got in 2 runs...almost 105mph at 13.002.

Wow, that's just about as close to a 12 as you can get! How cool is it,
to be in the 12 territory with such a new EV? Its pretty obvious we're
going to soon be hearing about 12s from Dennis. I predict a 12.8 @ 108
mph will be one of the runs you'll make.

Please keep posting to keep us all in the loop. It's soooo exciting to
have another powerful street legal electric on the track!

See Ya...John Wayland

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