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Re: [EVDL] More Than Gross Vehicle Weight, Comments

Hi EVerybody;

The GVW thing comes up all the time. As somebody said, pretty much ALL,
or darn near all, EV conversions go over the GVW. My 89 Jetta has a GVW of
3400 lbs. I was surprised!! With 120 volts worth of Golf Cart batteries
aboard I'm just a TAD below, but sending the car out empty, would be
pointless<g>! When I get in, 300 lbs, and the toolie kit in the trunk, I'm
over! With the Rabbit I used Jetta brake drums in back, to beef it up a bit.
Jetta has almost full size drums, though. I guess you COULD beef up the
front discs with GTI brakes? This is a nice feature with Jokes Wagens, the
interchangable parts. With Jetta, a , the front springs are fine, I guess 7
batteries is about the weight of the engine and support stuff? The rear I
went with 700 lbs MORE for the OTHER 13 batteries. YES ,I got my custon
springs from Coil Spring Specialties, in ST Mary's KS. They have done Jettas
before, no problem. I worry most about the wimpy axle stubs that BOLT onto
the wing axle. Geeesh! They look like something that would be used on a
garden tracter, or cart? They aren't enough for this service as well as a
lot of the REST of the Jetta. I can and HAVE run Jetta as a 90 volt car, it
goes OK,Eh, so-so but I like the power, and range, of 120 volts. Before I
got the new rear springs I HAD to lighten the rear end up! A new meaning to
"My ass is draggin'!" So lived with the lighter pack in back. Or, in other
words you could come out close to GVW as a 90 volt or, gasp! A 72 volt Jetta
and be safer? I'm doing a 97 Sentra as a 72 volt car to TRY to be under GVW
for a change. Got 8 batteries in the trunk and the other 4 up front. I'll
probably have to beef up the rear springs? Running an Alltrax controller,
the 72 volt "Axe" Job.Loudest one they make. A Warp 9" Impulse 'Shorty"
motor.It SHOULD be good for somebody with a 10 mile commute? Just don't go
for any NEDRA records!

Comversions are an interum thing, for now. We have to live with being
at GVW or over a tad, for now, I guess. Like driving a train, you plan ahead
and drive a damn site more carefully in your Led Sled!! As somebody asked
over on the Yahell group"Electric Cars for Sale"" Why can't I buy an
EV?"Well?! There AREN'T any! Unless you have VERY deep pockets. Honestly,
now would you put up with your crappy conversion, IF you could buy a
Sunrise, EV-1 Tesla, Rav-4 ,without a second mortgage on yur house!? Or shop
Craig's List(The OTHER List) for a clean used one.

Sooooo, we do conversions, waiting and preying for a demise of the " Best
Govt Oil Money can Buy" It is politics, not technology, for now, stopping
Joe Sixchip (Me, You?) from buying an EV. Who's kidding who, we ALL know
this?You mean you DIDN'T see "Who killed the Electric Car"???GO RENT IT.

So we DRIVE our talk, cobble something together. IF Bob Rice and Dave
Oliveria , right down the road in CT,can build a workable conversion, WHY
can;'t General Murders? Forgetabout them. We have Lee Hart, and Jerry Dycus
on the case. TIME and MONEY here, though.

Just watched, from Net Flix, the History Channel's show, " Manhattan
Project" Fascinating how much MONEY spent, and how quickly(scary!) The Bomb
was built! A Crash Pogram (Program<g>) to do a EV battery, should get the
priority, nowadaze. We would have a plethura of batteri to choose from,

Rambled long enough.


Bob,.......... off for groceries this PM........ doin' Show an' Tell,
as EVer!

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Re: [EVDL] More Than Gross Vehicle Weight, Comments

I have wondered that too. But, to be honest, I just can't get enough
info off there site and the two emails went unanswered.

My current battery system is 288V x 50ah and it appears their highest
voltage offering are under 48V and are at about 200ah.

The silver pack is the only pack that claims the 2000 cycle life and my
fear is that the 35V x 209ah pack is to get the amps from cells that
can't deliver the amps by them selfs (how paralleled are they, what is
the size of individual cells, what is the BMS circuit like? ) and that
the < 48V may indicate a limit of their BMS system.

If someone associated with this site is on this list, please speak up.

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