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Re: [EVDL] Motor controller

No, but paying $1200 is spending more money then needed to get this. Since it
can be gotten for $842.50 from . Of course if the $1200
includes the thing to program it, then it is getting closer to $1200 as the
price at 842.50 is just the controller alone. I bought a kelly controller in
august and it has just left bejing china as of oct 13th to USA. I think it
can go up to 84V pack, but might have to use a 78V pack just to be safe.
I'll have to see what the voltage is when 84V pack is fully charged and ask
kelly controller if it is okay. The controller has a limit of 92V and
shouldn't work if voltage is over this. Of course only testing will verify.
Probably will get it installed first week of November.

Walter Guinon wrote:
> Does anyone have any experience with the Navitas TSE 600-96 controller,
> rated 72-96V at 600A? Priced at $1200.

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