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Re: [EVDL] Motor coupler issues / was Looking for aConversionKitfor a 1929 Ford.

That's pretty much what I'm planning on going with, so I can switch from an
automatic back to a manual if the efficiency of the automatic is too bad. I
sent some dimensions to Electro Automotive, and never heard back.

>From what I have seen in pictures, Electro Automotive's adapter is bored for
a pilot bushing, but not for the snout of a torque convertor. A Chevy crank
is bored at a larger diameter for torque converter snout clearance, and
behind that, at least on the earlier V8's, a recessed smaller bore for a
pilot bushing. Now since I'm not planning on running a convertor, I don't
really need the larger bore, but I'd like to get a hub made that really
looks like a Chevy crank with a two stage bore for a couple reasons. First,
I'd like to get a hub designed that people could use with manual or
automatic, with or without convertor or clutch, with no changes to the hub
or adapter thinkness. Second, without the two stage bore like a Chevy
crank, I've got to think that in the manual trans application, the clutch
disk is riding a lot further forward on the trans input shaft splines
because the front end of the input shaft isn't protruding through the
flywheel into a recessed pilot bushing. Also, the throwout bearing is too
far forward on the throwout support sleeve on the trans because the flywheel
is too far forward, which hoses the clutch linkage geometry unless a longer
throwout bearing is used.


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> Marty,
> When I got my taperlock adapter from Electro Automotive, they
> machined the pilot bushing hole into the adapter. They even installed
> my pilot bushing for me. That way you get the full clamp of the shaft
> and the alignment improvement with the pilot bushing.
> Jody

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