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Re: [EVDL] Motor question; pre-purchase advice [Thanks Guys]

Jim and Joe-

That's great, thanks for the quick answers. I've got a real good feeling
about the seller; seemed like a straight shooter. Glad to hear you guys
agree with his prognosis. Gotta check my budget a bit, but I think I'm
going to do it....



Jim Husted wrote:
> Hey Hunter
> First off welcome to the list. It's impossible to say
> what the inside of the motor looks like from the
> little that's shown. As Joe stated a little rust on
> an exposed shaft isn't much to worry about. That is
> unless you had planned to use it and it's rusted
> enough to chew into it.
> I'd say you found a sound motor and if the deals right
> go for it. If you can get pics of the brush area I'd
> be able to tell you more about it's condition.
> Hope this helps
> Cya
> Jim Husted
> Hi-Torque Electric
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