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Re: [EVDL] Nice Audio Interview with Chris Paine - "Revenge of the EV"

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Re: [EVDL] Nice Audio Interview with Chris Paine - "Revenge of the EV"

Thanks Steven,
A lot of information is in that interview, for those who missed it here is
an abbreviated form of all the Important points,[IMHO], [Transcription

A listing of interesting points made during an Interview with Mr. Chris
Paine, producer and author of =93Who Killed the Electric Car?=94 and the new
movie, =93Revenge of the Electric Car!=94 opening soon. The Interview is by=
Motavalli of WPKN Radio in Bridgeport, California.

The first point was about the availability of Electric cars compared to the
demand for them. The Early Adopter Market as measured by reservations on
Leaf and Volt models is 200,000 units, but predicted volume to be produced
thru 2011 is only 50,000 or 25% [according to Chelsea Sexton, a respected EV
consultant.] The public Demand alternatives, one is a new Equinox [At $25k]
converted to EV [For $25k more!] and retailing for $50,000.

The EV expert market analysts are predicting 10% of the Total, New Vehicle
market will be for Electric Cars by 2020.

According to Felix Kramer, from =93California Cars, a long time proponent of
=93Plug-in Cars=94, the =93Conversion Car Market=94 is an excellent alterna=
tive, to
waiting for the major Automobile Manufactures.

Regarding =93Charging Stations,=94 80% of charging will be done at home whe=
the car is usually parked more than 12 Hours nightly. Public Charging will
be limited to apartments and condos with parking lots. Charging at level-
III will be limited by demand, and cost.

Of new EVs sold next year, 50% may be in California, partly because of the
State CASH incentive of $3,000 in addition to the Federal $7,500 in tax

I hope you find this information useful.
Dennis Lee Miles (Director) E.V.T.I. inc.
*www.E-V-T-I-Inc.COM * (Adviser) EVTI-EVA Education Chapter
Phone (863) 944 - 9913
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It=92s estimated that the existing U.S. electrical grid has sufficient
capacity to fully fuel three-quarters of the nation=92s 217 million passeng=
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