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Re: [EVDL] Nikola Tesla (not nichola)

it was my understanding that Tesla was off topic but you seem to make a
lot of significant assumptions about Tesla's work and I just have to
point out some problems for the record.
you assume he used conventional radio energy transmission. he built
wardenclyffe tower with the purpose of powering the world. his genius
was in many ways unparalleled and I remind everyone that he invented the
AC motor and generator systems, he designed the niagara falls power
plant and began the electrical revolution that power our computers today
despite Edison's greatest resistance because he wanted DC. he invented
the radio, he invented flourescent light, powered them at a distance, he
made xray images before anyone else, he simply would not make so obvious
a mistake as to overlook that the intensity of radiated energy falls as
the square of the distance from the source. that's a gross
underestimation of the man.

if the car in question is real we unfortunately do not know how it
worked but I feel confident in saying it was not powered by EM
radiation. that would simply be amazingly dangerous to be near not to
mention extremely inefficient at even short distances. my impression is
that he was a purist in the extreme. I think he would even avoid using
batteries because it was not elegant enough. it was said that the first
time he saw a commutated electric motor he immediately thought that was
wrong and he was right. he was a child at the time. it's been said he
would actually feel ill in the presence of such concepts if you can
understand that. because it struck him as being so wrong. if he had a
car he claimed ran without power I believe it did. whether he made such
a claim that's another matter.

from what I understand he did claim to work with radiation other than
socalled hertzian waves, meaning what we today know as EM radiation
(radio, light etc). something other than that.
btw, he built a remote controlled boat before anyone even knew what
radio was. no transistors, no vacuum tubes.


Lee Hart wrote:
> It could work; but just as Tesla found, broadcasting power is very
> inefficient. You'd be doing well to receive even 10% of the power you
> sent. Getting 100kw to the dragsters would require a 1 megawatt power
> plant!
> The closer you can get the sending and receiving antennas, the better
> the performance. All practical systems of this sort depend on very close
> spacing; like the coils in the road and the coils in the car being only
> fractions of an inch apart.
> I doubt that Tesla could have broadcast enough power to run his car
> directly, given the considerable distance between his antennas. I think
> it is far more likely that the broadcast power only ran his battery
> charger. He charged the batteries slowly, and then ran them down quickly
> to make the car go for a minute or two. Then he'd have to wait a
> significant time before it had recharged sufficiently to do it again.
> You could set up something equivalent to a slot car, where the cars run
> over a guide track that also has the coupled coils. But if you're going
> to do that, you might as well make it an electric train, with two rails
> carrying power as well as guidance to the wheels.

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