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Re: [EVDL] No ICE in 10 Years? OT

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Re: [EVDL] No ICE in 10 Years? OT

joe wrote:

> Since you have been here,John, the vehicle licensing fees have =

> doubled or
> tripled - it now costs $86 for 2 years. Not as much as Washington, =

> though,
> yet!
> Joseph H. Strubhar

Joe, You think that's bad? In the UK the Vehicle Excise Duty (as =

it's called) is charged at a rate based on the vehicle's CO2 =

emissions. For a Range Rover (or Ford Ranger pick-up) for example, =

the first year's VED is =A3990 (US$1500) per year and =A3440 each year =


And just to silence the OT police, an EV - as it produces no emmisions =

'at source', as it were - pays nothing.

It is worth mentioning tho that last year, for the first time, the =

UK's total income tax revenue was enough to only just cover the cost =

of the Welfare State ie benefits. All other costs, roads, health, =

schools etc came from indirect taxation - like VED and taxes on =

alcohol and cigarettes. This might explain; a/ why the country is =

near enough bankrupt and b/ why there are so many holes in the roads!

Regards, Martin Winlow
Herts, UK

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