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Re: [EVDL] (no subject) Ninja Conversion

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Re: [EVDL] (no subject) Ninja Conversion

Hello and welcome Robert,

Next time, please put a header on your question or
this could have been missed. It originally said (no

Car batteries are not intended for the deep discharge
that is required of electric vehicles. In simple
terms for a DC motor, voltage equals speed and amp/hrs
equals capacity of discharge or distance. What I
recommend is you look at THE LARGEST collection of
electric vehicles in one site otherwise known as the (specifically ) as
provided by the fine members of this mailing list,
compare existing builds with their batteries so you
can get an idea of what to use and actual performance
as told from an owner's perspective, and then come
back asking about batts. =

Not trying to insult the list, but usually, a new
person comes in asking this question and gets
inundated with lots of opinions and gets even more
confused. Which then leads to the topic of FAQ site,

Back on topic, also you can check out and the mailserver
which is an off shoot of this list. =

Or if mailing lists arent your flavor, couple of
online forums like and

Good Luck and have fun riding.


> Hi all
> wonder if people on this list could help. I'm
> building an electric =

> motorcycle from a 1991 Yamaha Ninja. Bought a book
> to help me... I think I =

> would like to have more variety to choose from for
> batteries than run of the =

> mill car batteries... would like to look into LiIon,
> NiCad and am still =

> quite ignorant of how many to use to get the power I
> want out of them. Any =

> help out there, some direction.
> Thanks
> Robert
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