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> I seriously doubt they are getting more energy out than they are putting
> in, but the burning "salt water" appears to be FACT not fiction.
> Rustum Roy is actually on the board at Penn State University, there is a
> link on the Penn state website to Dr Roy's website. That website has a
> link to a video showing the Hydrogen burning.
> I'm quite certain that they aren't getting any over unity reaction here,
> but they are using radio waves to separate hydrogen from salt water and
> then igniting the hydrogen.

It doesn't seem unbelievable to adapt RF to do "electrolysis", you
still use energy to separate the gases, it's only a question of how
efficient it is. Even with a near-perfect reaction, using that
hydrogen in a fuel cell will *still* be more wasteful than just
feeding the electricity directly into your EV's battery pack.

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