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Re: [EVDL] Not really "unfazed" (Was: More drama than it merits....)

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Re: [EVDL] Not really "unfazed" (Was: More drama than it merits....)


There will always be the shallow people who will resent you because you did
something they didn't. It's the ugly side of human nature.

On the other hand, I hope you don't see helmet comments and questions from
list members as personally kicking you while you're down, that's not the

Personally, I hit a tree on a bike once, pea gravel in a turn. I bounced off
the tree with my helmet, came to, and walked away. I've been as normal as I
ever was ever since, still embarrased 37 years later, but wiser. My cousin
did the same thing, without a helmet, didn't come to, rode to the hospital
in an ambulance. He's been in a halfway house for the mentally impaired
ever since. It was a loss not only to him, but to his family, community,
and anybody that resents helmet laws. Maybe if I had told him of my
experience he would have been wearing a helmet? I guess I'll never know,
and I guess I'm now destined to campaign the helmet cause in hopes of
preventing a recurrance.

I really appreciate what you've done with the Killacycle to demonstrate the
capabilities of EV's, but I don't know that it's worth seeing anyone here
end up like my cousin. So for your benefit as well as everyone here, I feel
a need to bring up the helmet issue. The intent is not criticism, although
it may look like it, it's prevention. I think it needs to be aired so
others think twice as they folllow your footsteps. Being a leader will
bring scrutiny, as what you do will impact us all. We all need to examine
what was done right, and what could have been done to reduce risk, be it
real risk or an impression of risk in the mind of media viewers. Think of
it as a peer review. If we don't police ourselves, some jackass politician
may decide we need to be policed with legislation. Some of us will ask
questions, as doing anything in front of the media will impact all of us,
and we need to have our answers ready in case we are drawn into a
conversation brought on by the press coverage.

As far as the area being blocked off, and I believe you that it was, I don't
recall, did you make it clear to the media that it was? The fact that a
list member watched the video and had a question in his mind suggests that
other viewers may get the impression that safety may have been lax. In an
empty parking lot, or at a drag strip, it'd be none of our business. In
front of media, the impression in the mind of the viewer could impact all of
us. I think that makes it a fair question.


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> It has also been disquieting to read the comment blogs and see the
> huge number of folks that delight in "kicking a guy when he is down".
> They seem to have so much anger towards someone they don't even know.
> Yes, a ton of folks have been very supportive, but the size (and
> venom) of this "evil fraction" is a bit scary.
> Bill Dube'
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