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Re: [EVDL] "One mm per volt" Battery pack layout guidelines

Lee Hart wrote:
>>> arcing is not a problem below about 30v.

Bill Dube wrote:
>> But high-current arcing _is_ a problem below 30 volts in a powerful
>> battery pack. Especially a large one. You _might_ get away with 1/2
>> mm per volt separation below 30 volts,

I didn't mean it was impossible to have an arcing problem below 30v. But
it reduces the *chances* of a serious problem to a negligible level.
That's why we can routinely run two wires from a 12v battery in the same
cable and through the same connectors without fear of fires from arcing.
(Though you can certainly get fires from a short circuit! That's what
fuses are for!)

It is very difficult to arrange things to get a continuous arc with a
12v, or even a 24v battery. Even if you get it started, it quickly burns
itself out as the material burns or melts back. You really need to get
above 30v to sustain the arc. This is why the various safety agencies
(UL, CSA, VDE, etc.) use 30v as a "safe" limit.
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