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Re: [EVDL] Oops and what to do now -- almost the EV grin, but not

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Re: [EVDL] Oops and what to do now -- almost the EV grin, but not

People will argue but I'm using the exact same battery only in 8 volt form =
and I find them to be quite satisfactory so far. I have 3,300 miles on my p=
ack so far.

The car came with cables that use the threaded stud and not clamp-type that=
grip the lead base-post. I drive my car pretty hard and I just check for t=
ightness every few weeks to a month. If you use the stud mount cables, you'=
ll find that they do compress and loosen a bit due to road vibration and re=
quire tightening.

Something I intend to do and recommend you do, is use washers to increase c=
ontact area and nylock nuts to minimize loosening from road vibration. Rola=
nd also has good battery cable solutions. He'll probably chime in.

I usually touch most of my cables right after driving and they're never war=
m..except ones directly on the motor and they're just tepid. I did let a ca=
ble get loose and it arced and melted down the post as I drove. Made a real=

Sorry to hear about your setback. Don't let it get you down. You'll be on t=
he road soon.

Rich A.
'74 E-Beetle



>Message: 4>Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 12:38:06 -0600>From: "Brian Staffanson" =
<[email protected]>>Subject: [EVDL] Oops and what to do now -- al=
most the EV grin, but not>quite!>To: "Electric Vehicle Discussion List" <ev=>>Message-ID:<[email protected]=>>Content-Type: text/plain; charset=3DISO-8859-1 >>So I am fina=
lly putting in the 6V Deka GC15 in my car, and cabling it all>up, and being=
a little careless, as I "know" exactly what I am doing. My>wife comes to a=
sk me a question, and then "oh no, your car is on fire." from>my wife. I ru=
n to the car, and see that one cable shorted on the negative,>hit the posit=
ive, and melted the terminals on both the positive and negative>side. The t=
erminal is Offset post w/ vertical stainless steel 5/16" stud>and hex nut. =
Here is a picture of what it looks like:
t.aspx?pageid=3D550 >So my question is two fold. Can I fix the terminals? O=
r do I just need toreplace the battery? I remember some conversation in tim=
es past aboutterminals not be good enough for ev use. Are these good enough=
? Or did Iwaste my money on these batteries. Thanks,Brian
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