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Re: [EVDL] OT- AAA and EVs

I have roadside assistance with BWC for over 3 years now,
even insured my family for bicycle assistance, in case we
are going somewhere and a bike breaks down beyond repair =

and nobody nearby to pick us up.
BWC is the only club I know who provides bicycle assistance
besides being pro-environment, which was my main reason to =

send my money their way.

As they indicate - they essentially use the same network of
tow companies as AAA, so there is really no difference in
their performance; though in some occasions you may want to
give a local towing company your business instead of relying
on the nation-wide roadside assistance, as I found out when
I had an issue at the border of Yosemite National Park on a
Saturday afternoon.
The local HW120 towing company was much cheaper than the
nationally-contracted towing, so I went with the local guy.
Besides, he could bring me to his shop, instead of towing me
to the already closed dealer, with no rental cars around....

That experience would not have been different with AAA, so
that did not make me change my mind about BWC.
The BWC has a pretty accurate comparison with AAA on their
website, so I suggest you read it, then check the values that
BWC supports and then make up your mind.


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-----Original Message-----
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f Of Marvin Campbell
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 10:25 AM
To: RAV4 EV; EV Discussion
Subject: [EVDL] OT- AAA and EVs

Having, apparently, been under a rock lately, I just found out about AAA's =
lobbying activity. Gosh, it runs counter to everything I believe to be true=
. So I dumped them and joined the Better World Club (www.betterworldclub.c=

About a minute of research revealed that they are pretty much a lobbying ar=
m for the American Automobile Manufacturer's Association- and you know how =
THEY feel about EVs!

So I shot them a note explaining why, and got the reply below. Wow. They sa=
y they don't do any lobbying against all things counter to the gas burning =
automobile? What a surprise!

Here's my reply. If anyone out there has any more examples of AAA lobbying =
against human-friendly behavior, feel free to send them to this AAA rep.

And to those more astute types tut tutting my late entry into this fray- I'=
m not the slowest by any means. Just yesterday I had someone ask about what=
makes my "environmental vehicle" different. I had to explain that "EV" mea=
ns "electric vehicle", runs on batteries! Clueless Guy: "Dang, wha=
t'll they think of next!".

"- Damer liker smarte menn. Og smarte menn kj=F8rer jo elbil, understreker =
han." -Ladies like smart men and smart men drive electric cars.

> Apologies for my last sloppy correspondence. I was in a hurry.
> =

> What I meant to say was that AAA lobbies against anything counter to =

> automobile use.
> =

> I know AAA has greenwashed a lot since the public (and their members) =

> found out what they really support.
> =

> Most American "motorists" haven't a clue that the true cost of =

> gasoline is somewhere between $5- $15/gal., depending on how much =

> environmental mitigation and upstream costs of oil production you add =

> in to the mix. That's why it costs $1.50/litre (or more) in other =

> industrialized nations- they pay the true cost at the pump. And since =

> they get to see that at every fill-up, that may be the reason you don't s=
ee them driving H2s or Suburbans.
> =

> Were AAA to come out against the carmakers in their lawsuit against CA =

> (aka you and me) to roll back AB1493, I might change my mind. For info go=
> =

> In the meantime, here are a few articles I Googled up for you:
> =

> =

> =

> =

> 1. 1990 - AAA lobbied against the Clean Air Act 2. 1998 - AAA lobbied =

> against a 7 cent gas tax for land preservation. We all like to get =

> from point A to B, but only if neither is totally paved over when we =

> get there.
> 3. Present - AAA still lobbies for ever wider roads, seen as a major =

> cause of congestion rather than a relief of it by many organizations.
> 4. Present - AAA is on the record against virtually every proposal for =

> cutting automobile pollution.
> 5. 1989 - AAA called vapor traps on gas tanks a safety hazard.
> 6. 1994 - AAA opposed a move by smogbound eastern states to promote =

> low-polluting cars.
> 7. 1997 - AAA opposed new smog limitations.
> 8. AAA opposed the airbag law, not sure what year.
> =

> =

> --
> MarvyMarv
> aka
> Mo'Nilla
> =

> DRIVE THE FUTURE...(it's electric)
> =

> =

> =

> on 10.24.07 8:27 AM, [email protected] at [email protected] wro=
> =

>> =

>> Your email to AAA regarding your letting your membership lapse and =

>> joining Better Wold Club due to AAA's lobbying efforts has been =

>> referred to me for response.
>> =

>> We regret that you have chosen to not renew your AAA membership. I am =

>> especially concerned that the stated reason is that AAA actively =

>> lobbies against light-rail and other mass transit, bike lanes and =

>> alternative fuels. I am afraid that you have be misinformed or misled =

>> on this matter. I know of no instance where AAA has actively lobbied =

>> against any of these measures other than how they are financed. If =

>> whoever misinformed you can provide you with specific instances, I would=
be please to respond.
>> =

>> =

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