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Re: [EVDL] OT Nichola Tesla, Power hanging around. reminiscence

I remember Art Arfons; I read the Reader's Digest article on him when I was
a kid! What a backyard innovator!!

Joseph H. Strubhar


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> Jim'
> do you have any recolection as to the relative times.
> was he as fast as the gassers of his day. did he keep
> up with green monster? the jet rig that i saw in the
> 60's at Ramona when it used the airport as a drag
> strip? I was talking to Brian Hall and we were both
> at some of the early drags but just never met, maybe
> you were there too. did you ever come to Ramona in
> the early days?
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> I never saw the car run, it was stashed away in his barn when I saw it
> about
> 1965 or 1966, and the times were very poor. With the slow times and the
> effort to set it up I think he only ran it 1or2 times, if you need any
> information about the car, I can call him, he lives in Florida now but
> have not talked
> to him in months.
> The design of the car was clever, he had 4 wheel drive with one
> starter/gen
> in the front and one in the back.
> Nobody ran faster then the jets in the early 60,s they were king, I use to
> feel real important when I helped Art Arfons put fuel in his car, he
> actually
> let me turn off the toggle switch when the tank was full...........I
> thought
> that was real special.
> ]Ramona??in the 60,s I didn't even know what it was, I was raised in the
> Detroit area and raced around there, didn't get to CA til 1977.
> Wow............more memories
> Jim
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