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Re: [EVDL] OT Silent vehicles, was Re: Sensors at drive throughs

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>> I always drive with the headlights on, in my EVs. Not to avoid
>> running people or animals over (I've never had a problem with that,
>> touch wood) - but for general visibility in traffic.
> Same thing I do in my ICE car. I'll do it in the EV as well once I've
> got a pack that'll let me press the not-gas without dimming them. Isn't
> the whole world going over to daytime running lights for just this
> reason?

Not the whole world just yet - In Oregon, it is against the law to use
running lights (not headlights on low beam) for any situation that requires
low beams. In other words, you have to treat running lights as high beams,
and turn them off when meeting or behind other vehicles. I haven't seen much
enforcement of this; some vehicles come from the factory with running lights
on the headlight switch, so they are on all the time when the headlights are
on low beam, but you are supposed to have this feature disabled in Oregon.

Joseph H. Strubhar


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