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Re: [EVDL] "Payback time" Editorial

Roger W wrote:
> When an oil supporter measures the cost of oil they just look at the
> (subsidized) cost from wellhead to pump... They are trying to see what the profit margin on that part of the
> transaction will be.

> Let a physicist measure the cost of a petrol-burning car and he/she
> will include the real cost of oil PLUS the damage to ones health and the
> environment/quality of life that everyone on the planet suffers by
> burning oil.

What bothers me about editorials like the one that started this thread
is that the author usually starts out with an agenda. He already has his
conclusion when he starts, so he gathers his facts and tilts them to
justify his conclusion.

This problem exists no matter which side of the issue the writer is on.
He could be a rabid environmentalist, or a paid oil company lobbyist.
Each will use completely different facts and assumptions to justify
their opinions.

What we really need are objective answer. People who start *without* a
preconceived notion, and then look for a balanced set of facts and
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