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Re: [EVDL] "Payback time" or is it "Buyback", Oil Reserves

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Re: [EVDL] "Payback time" or is it "Buyback", Oil Reserves

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Subject: Re: [EVDL] "Payback time"

If the auto companies get smart, they will provide a "free rental car" =

option with their EV. "Buy a Leaf from us, and get a FREE rental car. Just =

drop off your Leaf, use our rental, and pick trade back when you return =

home!" *

The salesmen will use it as a scheme to get you into their dealership more =

often, and to try to sell you another new car.

* =3D mumble, mumble, subject to availability, limited mileage, limited tim=
e, =

and other limits we'll only mention in the fine print etc.

Well, that was not with me. I think I got you all beat on payback or is it =


My first car was a 1958 Corvette that I bought for $3900.00. The fuel cost =

was $0.25 a gallon and I drove this car to 1964 where I sold it for =

$3700.00. Now that's $200.00 for 6 years.

My next car was a 1964 Corvette that I bought for $4200.00 and kept the car =

for 11 years and sold it for $3700.00. This now makes the cost for 17 year=
s =

at $700.00. I then bought a 1976 Corvette for $4800.00 and hardly ever =

drove it. Mothball it, cover it up it cotton cloth and store it in a foam =

line plywood box store up high on a storage building shelf until 2004. Only =

put 57 miles on it. Sold it for $25,000.00 to a guy who owns a body shop =

customize it into a CAN AM Group 7 Corvette body panels with tilt forward =


In 1976 I bought my first EV from the Electric Fuel Propulsion Company whic=
h =

was in Troy Michigan for $7500.00 which was base on a 1976 Chevelle Coup =

body and still have it today. In 1977 I bought a 1977 El Camino which I =

plan to transfer all the EV components and body panels to that car which =

cost $4800.00 in 1977.

So far the total cost for my transportation back in 1977 for 19 years was =

$13000.00 and in 2004 when I sold the Corvette for $25,000.00 this is a =

$12,000.00 gain in 46 years.

Now this is only the cost of the vehicles, not the maintenance and fuel bac=
k =

in 1977 cost about $0.55 a gallon. The only major modifications that I did =

was on the El Camino where I bought a complete spare service pack which =

included a WarP-11 motor, a TH-400 automatic/manual transmission, a Caf=E9 =

Electric motor controller, battery packs, PFC-50B charger, instruments, and =

body panel modifications that cost about $20,000.00.

The total cost for all my transportation for 52 years is now $8000.00 not =

including fuel and electricity.

Electricity cost back in the 50's here in the Electric City where we have =

five hydro dams cost $0.01 a kwh. Now it way up to $0.08 kwh. I remember =

gasoline was as low as $0.19 a gallon. The last time I drove my own ICE =

which is the 76 Chevelle for any long distances is when it was $0.55 a =


Today I only drive it as a backup to my EV which I only use about 5 gallons =

a year.

Now talking about the oil reserves we have here in the U.S., we here in =

Montana, North and South Dakota and all the way up into Canada was found th=
e =

largest oil fields known. The problem is that its very deep and much of it=
s =

at a low gravity. Any crude oil at or below 25 gravity was consider non =

production since the 80's.

When they hit 25 gravity oil, they cap the well and move on. There are =

thousands of cap wells. They are saving this type of oil until they could =

get more than $5.00 a gallon which is just for the crude alone.

The low gravity oil has to be recycle three times trough the refinery =

cracker to bring up the octane. When the lead was not remove it only had t=
o =

cycle once.


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