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Re: [EVDL] "Payback time" (was:Reaction to US News article)

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Re: [EVDL] "Payback time" (was:Reaction to US News article)


>> The Li-Ion pack in an OEM EV will last the life of the car.
>> 170k miles is pretty close to "the life of the car". Li-Ion in an EV
>> will last even longer.
> I have read that the Leaf pack is LiMn rather than LFP and that life
> may be only 250-500 cycles. Also have read that Nissan is planning on
> massive replacements within the 8 year warranty period. Can anyone
> confirm or deny?

That would make no business sense. If it is that poor, then they better be planning to change them out 4 or 7 times.

It is hard to prove a negative -- but if you are right, we'll know in less than a year?

Sincerely, Neil

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