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Re: [EVDL] Perhaps too much drama but certainly worth of a newNickname

OK guys, gals, this thread is getting a little out of hand.

Mr. Dube is a hard working, well respected, highly educated, inventive
individual who has consistently gone that extra mile to further the

As was previously suggested, a respectable nickname such as Sir Bill
should be considered.

Or, better yet, Mr. Bill.
Oooohhhh Nnnnoooooooo, Mr. Bill!!!!
Watch out for the................
(I couldn't resist the "Saturday Nite Live" reference, Mr. Bill was a
character made out of clay that would get into some pickles).

Seriously now, I am glad to see that you are o.k. and that your machine
is very much repairable.


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KillaBill ?
roadside bomb
crashtest dummy :)
Glad your well Bill, they should of put a chalk line
around your body when you were laid out :)

--- dale henderson <[email protected]>

> 'blunt bill'
> --- Marty Hewes <[email protected]>
> > Projectile Bill?
> > Sir Bill? Out slaying ICE minivan dragons (snip)

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