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Re: [EVDL] Phd in Materials Science on LiFePO4 batteries video WAS: Lithium 60ah 144v

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Re: [EVDL] Phd in Materials Science on LiFePO4 batteries video WAS: Lithium 60ah 144v

AMPhibian wrote:

> Even if capacity
> drops over time the voltage should still have the same relationship
> to SOC.

And this is the problem - 'should'. No one yet knows what will happen
in a real world situation when a pack has been 'cycled' at varying
amounts each time between charges over several years and it is the
uncertainty about it all that I am worried about. Especially when
someone who hasn't a clue drives the EV - they may not stop pushing
the vehicle to keep going when the controller starts cutting back -
eventually there is a danger of cell reversal. I do not have the
money to spend on replacing cells that, for the sake of a cheap and
simple BMon and/or ManS could be completely avoided.

When the technology matures, it may be a different matter. In the
meantime the other advantage of having BMMS is that the data from real
vehicles is able to be logged and analyzed for the benefit of all.

And besides, isn't a system which measures the pack voltage and
regulates the power the controller can take out of it a Battery
Monitoring/Management System anyway?

Regards, Martin Winlow
Herts, UK

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