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Re: [EVDL] "Pig Pack" option (was:The 10000 pound gorrilla... batteries)

Bill Dube wrote:

> ...

Since you are good at math, and have A123's; isn't it totally possible
to take an existing OEM vehicle, install the typical DC setup, and
pile in enough A123's to have a real deal, at any speed, 1,000 mile

Look at the amount of weight people have in 6 V flooded GC bats. Same
weight in A123. How much range?

I think A123, or someone should build said vehicle just as a proof of
concept and have a valid, real life, working perception changer. So
the statement in the mainstream media can be "electric cars can get
____ miles per charge". And they can point to an existing vehicle as
the source. This _needs_to_be_done_.

See about having A123 help upgrade the Wabbit? Or even some other car
to help change the perception of the standard/typical EV conversion?
People full well remember their Diesel Rabbit's from the 1980's and
the harder financial times that went with it(hence, why they were
driving the vehicle in the first place(dictated too)/vs's driving an
uneconomical SUV(by choice) in the `90's.). The general feeling was
likely "get me out of this slow cramped car, and give me a go anywhere
vehicle with lots of power". Hence the extreme transition from
econoboxes to SUV's. I've never had any problem getting up to speed
or merging onto the interstate in any V8 powered truck or SUV. And
everyone of them would light up the tires. Right now I drive a
gutless four banger Ranger and I can't stand it. As soon as I get
some money; performance electric. Needs good range(good enough for
me) too(~50 miles).

Do you have an economical BMS for A123's that will make these
batteries a reality and be in every EV and be the only battery in any
EV? Can you make lead dead? Are you The Man?

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