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Re: [EVDL] "Pig Pack" option (was:The 10000 pound gorrilla... batteries)

Chris, wonderful that you are trying to do a conversion business.
Recently someone was selling a warehouse of Fieros pretty cheap, I was
tempted to buy them and build a fleet of EV Fieros to sell.
But too much risk, doesn't look like much reward, I was quite
disappointed to see a very nice almost new PT Cruiser EV on ebay not get
more than a $13K bid. For all what the die-hards say, truth is few want
to buy an EV.

My view is that plug-in hybrids are the right solution until batteries
can improve, yet few have attempted hybrid conversions even though the
car companies are doing it with much success. It is a more challenging
task than just an electric conversion, I'm far from having something
worked out, but it will have a very large market using todays technology
and would only improve going forward.

A sealed maintaince-free battery pack is a minimum requirement.
NiMH batteries are the best option today, yet repeatedly a lot of
dismissal from this group. Lithium has very good potential,
just "wait" some more, and more, and more. Who said prices would drop
dramatically soon? soon has been lapped a few times now.


Christopher Robison wrote:
Morgan LaMoore wrote:
>>trips. About once a month, my family goes to our cabin, which is 300
>>miles away, and stopping in the middle to charge would make the trip
>>even worse. I guess an EV isn't practical for that anyways, though,
>>due to the amount of cargo.
> This is really the crux of my point. Simply put, lead-acid EVs have
> significant and clearly quantifiable limitations that current gasoline
> powered vehicles do not have. That's it, and it's due entirely to energy
> storage technology. To most folks, it doesn't matter that the capability
> is seldom used. They're paying more and getting less.
> What I think most people consider the main benefits of electric
> transport do not directly impact the driver (even loud gas cars are
> reasonably quiet on the inside, smoky oil-burning cars will provide
> fresh air through the vents) so convincing people that these external
> altruistic benefits are worth having to say "sorry, can't do happy hour
> today, I'm driving the electric and I need to go straight home" isn't
> really going to work. There are those that get it without you telling
> them, and those that won't accept the impact to their lifestyle, until
> they can see how the benefits would affect them personally. And for most
> people today, that won't happen until the world becomes a much hotter,
> drier place with less wildlife to see on the safaris they [obviously]
> take regularly with their Land Rovers.
> Don't get me wrong; I'm doing this because I believe in it, and at some
> point in the future I hope to bank my livelihood on the success of our
> business. But for now I think finding customers is like casting as large
> a net as you can. Most people will pass right through, but hopefully
> there are enough that think along the same lines and are willing to try
> something different.

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