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Re: [EVDL] "Pig Pack" option

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Re: [EVDL] "Pig Pack" option

Given these two options
250 mile suv takeing 6 hours of a dryer plug to charge for 30K
and a 100 mile max compact or midsize that can charge in 6 hours on a
standard plug or 2 hours on a dryer plug for 16K

Which would I buy ?
The 100 mile midsize. of course. I am single. Drive 8 miles each way
to work and only drive over a hundred twice a year.
(Others in my family would buy the SUV. living 30 miles out of town
and hauling 3 kids and stuff, it would make sense to have the SUV.)

How many college students, first time cars for highschool kids and
errand cars can you sell at 16K ? (more than 1 plant can make)

That is where the market is. Gotta stop listening to the advertisers who
tell you you need the 250mile SUV.

For subscription options, see