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Re: [EVDL] "Pig Pack" option

I think a plug in EV would be actually more ideal. Cheaper since you'd only need a 40 to 60 mile range, and you have long trips covered. If a ton of people switched, it would REALLY drop gas usage by cars in the US.

- Tony

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Except that they do... every day. They're called SUVs, and they're just
like your 350-mile $50,000 electric, except that you're also paying for
gasoline at 9-18 mpg.

There is a definite environmental movement going on, even among people who
didn't give a crap five years ago (just look at Prius and Lexus RX400h
sales.) An honest 250 mile per charge range would, I think, be the real
breakthrough that would sell EVs. It would cover the longer commutes
easily, while allowing those with shorter commutes to make that occasional
longer trip, or run a few errands at lunch without having to watch the SOC
meter, or accidentally forget to plug in at night and still make the next
day's drive.


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>Except that the average consumer would probably say "I'm not going to
>pay $50,000 for a 350 mile range when I can just get a $15,000 gas car
>that does the same!"
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