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Re: [EVDL] Plug-In Kits; Volt Discussion and Too much to commennt on the list today..

Douglas A. Stansfield wrote:

> Volt is like a Lexus? I have driven the Volt and it is not a
> Lexus. It is priced like one however.

I agree; what I wrote is that "it is nearer to a Lexus in appearance and finish than it is to a Ford econobox or even a Prius". Note that I expect the Volt my opinion is based on had the premium trim package.

However, amusingly, when I visited Chevy's Volt pages the "competetive comparison" page comes up with a default comparison between the Volt and a comparably-equipped Lexus GS450h hybrid (the Lexus is $18K more). I added the 2011 Camry hybrid and 2010 Prius (both SE trim levels) and found the Camry to be $14k cheaper and the Prius $12k cheaper. The Prius didn't appear in the list of 2011 vehicles available for comparison.



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