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Re: [EVDL] Press release on Firefly "Oasis" battery

Which makes little difference because nickel metal hydride already
ezists as a viable battery but it was quickly suppreessed to prevent its
use and unless some government action stops it this one will be too.

It is not about technology. The problem to solve for electric vehicles
are regulatory - specifically regualtions to prevent the industry from
being suppressed by the oil companies who buy it up as soon as viable
technologies emerge.

Jack Murray wrote:
> Looks like they are making real progress.
> If the weight were cut in half and the price was the
> same as current SLA, it would be a big help for EVs.
> Jack
> --- Stuart Friedrich and Wendy Lyn
> <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Firefly Energy has issued some more information on
>> the release of their new lead-graphite acid battery.
>> Also a blurb at Green Car Congress.
>> They say that the battery will be available for
>> testing and review in Q1 of 2008. I assume that
>> this testing will be done at a limited number of
>> facilities, rather than being available for testing
>> by the general public.
>> They also mention initial availability in the summer
>> of 2008, with full production by the end of 2008.
>> Does this mean that these will be available for
>> purchase as early as next summer? Anyone with
>> further insider information on actual availability
>> to the public?
>> Stuart
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