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Re: [EVDL] Press release on Firefly "Oasis" battery

Actually it's not that hard to beat.
Without providing hard numbers, they're claiming that both a greater
portion of the lead can be used, resulting in a greater power-to-weight
ratio. Perhaps more significant is they're describing a lower Peukert
exponent, so an EV could actually use much more of the amp-hrs available.

Large lead acid strings have a much simpler charge management system
than li-ion, and can tolerate overcharge, mechanical damage, or
defective cells without bursting into flames.

But I share your skepticism on these pre-release claims. Because I'm
supposed to have my aluminum battery, my self-recharging Tilley Electric
Vehicle, and my flying car by now.


Bill Dube wrote:

>I think it was the "Horizion" battery that used composite
>(fiberglass?) grids. Similar concept. I rode in a very fast hybrid
>HumVee that used them (with John Wayland, actually.)
> They had serious issues with cycle life. Could be this
>latest spin on the old idea will have similar problems. Maybe not.
> Regardless, it will be tough to beat the Li-Ion specs with
>any sort of lead-acid. 2.17 volts per cell versus 3.3 (or 3.8) volts
>per cell is tough to overcome.
> Many folks on this list are quite jaded from seeing a
>continuous parade of "pre-announced" technologies fail to work as
>advertised. Many of us now have a "Show me" attitude after all these years.
> Bill Dube

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