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Re: [EVDL] Press release on Firefly "Oasis" battery

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Re: [EVDL] Press release on Firefly "Oasis" battery

The only question I have is why are the truckers using light weight
anything? They could use those huge 400ah forklift batteries in series
for a 24V system. Those batteries have huge cycle life and would work
beautifully. Big Rigs don't really care about an extra 1000 pounds.
They are rated to haul 400,000 plus. If it kept them from running it
would definitely improve their gas mileage without affecting their

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Actually it's not that hard to beat.
Without providing hard numbers, they're claiming that both a greater
portion of the lead can be used, resulting in a greater power-to-weight
ratio. Perhaps more significant is they're describing a lower Peukert
exponent, so an EV could actually use much more of the amp-hrs

Large lead acid strings have a much simpler charge management system
than li-ion, and can tolerate overcharge, mechanical damage, or
defective cells without bursting into flames.

But I share your skepticism on these pre-release claims. Because I'm
supposed to have my aluminum battery, my self-recharging Tilley Electric
Vehicle, and my flying car by now.


Bill Dube wrote:

>I think it was the "Horizion" battery that used composite
>(fiberglass?) grids. Similar concept. I rode in a very fast hybrid
>HumVee that used them (with John Wayland, actually.)
> They had serious issues with cycle life. Could be this latest
>spin on the old idea will have similar problems. Maybe not.
> Regardless, it will be tough to beat the Li-Ion specs with any

>sort of lead-acid. 2.17 volts per cell versus 3.3 (or 3.8) volts per
>cell is tough to overcome.
> Many folks on this list are quite jaded from seeing a
>continuous parade of "pre-announced" technologies fail to work as
>advertised. Many of us now have a "Show me" attitude after all these
> Bill Dube

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