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Re: [EVDL] Press release on Firefly "Oasis" battery

Oh hey I forgot we're not supposed to need batteries anyways since
EEStor's going to make a barium titanate capacitor of such tremendous
storage that it replaces the batt entirely. Hey, aren't we supposed to
have some of those by now? Hmm shipping first quarter of 2007 according
to some articles... how'd that work out? Well other articles do say
2008. OK, next year they'll change the world and obsolete the whole
world of battery technology.

Remarkable advances do happen periodically. I have to note though that
the ones making big press releases about their projections for what they
might be able to do later are less often the ones who actually do it.
Well, Firefly's claims aren't too outrageous and you kinda gotta be in
the industry to see the real appeal to it, as opposed to the
amaze-mom-and-pop releases.

What seems strange is they focused on explaining this trucker market,
even though boats, RVs, electric cars, solar installations, medical
equipment, etc could all make great use of such a technology and there's
plenty of money in these markets. Or just explaining that with the
rising cost of lead your technology may eventually be essential to
making economical lead-acid batteries too.


Danny Miller wrote:

>But I share your skepticism on these pre-release claims. Because I'm
>supposed to have my aluminum battery, my self-recharging Tilley Electric
>Vehicle, and my flying car by now.

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