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Re: [EVDL] Press release on Firefly "Oasis" battery

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Re: [EVDL] Press release on Firefly "Oasis" battery

You mean like A123 did with power tools?
They must be getting paid off by the oil companies to
avoid the EV market, that's it, yep, couldn't just be
smart business people, no that's not it..

--- Glenn Saunders <[email protected]> wrote:

> It hasn't really been stated anywhere how Firefly
> intends to sell/distribute these batteries. If they
> are targeting the trucking market, they may only
> wheel and deal with trucking companies for all we
> know and it will be very hard to get your hands on
> them.
> So it seems to me that if they had the capacity to
> scale out, they would have done it already and gone
> head to head with the other lead acid manufacturers.
> The trucking thing is a lower-risk venture where
> they can cut a small number of high volume
> contracts. High volume, but low enough that they
> can satisfy it with existing or just-in-time
> manufacturing capabilities.
> ----- Original Message ----
> I have some more hope than usual -- Firefly has some
> big-name partners,
> not to mention being a subsidiary of Caterpillar.
> For similar reasons
> I have better than usual hope for Tesla.
> I think their goal with the truck thing is to
> highlight to investors
> they are going after a brand new market, rather
> than trying to displace
> current battery sales. A law is changing trucker's
> battery needs. They
> probably can't make it on price (at least not
> initially), so they have
> to show a need for more $$ for this better battery.
> Also, Firefly does
> list lots of other markets on their website.
> I'm also glad to see they are trying to be the cheap
> "exotic" battery.
> Hopefully they'll have similar energy density to
> A123, and power
> density enough to get you 400 hp (300 kW) out of
> 400 lbs (~200 kg) of
> batteries. (Hopeful specs made up by assuming
> Fireflys will be 1/3 the weight
> of Optimas, but similar power and energy).
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