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Re: [EVDL] Press release on Firefly "Oasis" battery

But lets not forget pukert
The 50ah rating of an orbital is the 20hr number. we need the 1hr number
or about 24ah. :-(
The second part is that you can use 80% of the lithium ion without as
much derating of power. Ie the discharge curve is flatter so volts x
amps stays higher longer.

While I think there is room for improvement. as Lee said 2x, the
intrinsic capability at the molecular level to hold electrons can't be

Then lets throw in the cycle life difference and I think it becomes

One last piece of info, the A123 cells give up some energy density to
get very high power density, That same size cell restricted to 1C can be
built to give 3.3ah, nearly 30% more. When larger format cells are made,
the energy density will increase.(more egg, less shell)

For subscription options, see
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