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Re: [EVDL] Q for Lee Hart and BLDC control design

I'll take a look at what you're designing and
hopefully throw in some useful advice. I design BLDC
controls for my employer, Ametek, but these are low
voltage (24Vdc for most). I have designed AC inverter
controls while I worked at Baldor, up to 480Vac, so
I'm familiar with the design constraints for high
voltage. I also did sepex and series controls while
working at GE, these where 200Vdc max and 600Amps.
What are you using for high voltage BLDC motors? I
could easily do higher voltage with my current designs
by just changing the winding configuration, the
controls however would not meet any high voltage
spacing rules, but it really doesn't matter if it's
just a prototype for my own use (using common sense of
course for possible problem areas).
Looking forward to what you present.
--- Dale Ulan <[email protected]> wrote:

> hehe no I bought a couple several months ago. got
> them for 25$ each.
> they seem to be in regular supply so don't pay too
> much. not sure who
> >have used that many but somebody is getting rid of
> a lot of them. while
> Dan, nice to see you digging in.
> In the 300A region, I've used the Fairchild
> FMG2G300US60E with good
> success in my BLDC controller, it's a bit low for a
> brushed motor
> but in the 250V - 380V pack range with BLDC or ACIM
> it should be
> reasonable. A six-pack of them (three modules) goes
> for about $250
> which is quite reasonable for new parts, I think.
> That's new parts,
> not used, and it has a good temp coefficient so you
> can use the
> voltage drop across it to estimate current for
> current limiting and
> control. With enough voltage, 60 to 80kW should be
> reasonable and
> those are pretty cheap. I looked at the Ebay ones
> and decided that
> I wanted something that was serviceable and
> repeatable, so when I
> found these, I used them. Since I was repairing an
> already (partially)
> debugged controller I felt the risk of using a
> non-self-protected
> IGBT module was pretty low so I went with those.
> I would think that the lower voltage drop of 600V
> modules, generally
> lower cost of 600V modules, coupled with better
> snubbing capacitance
> may be a more cost-effective choice, especially if
> some builders are
> going to buy new parts for their controllers.
> I don't know if it's of interest, but I'm working on
> a new BLDC
> control board and I can post schematics and gerbers
> and source code,
> but I don't have the time for tech support. I don't
> know how many
> people out there are using BLDC's, but I am.
> -Dale
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