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Re: [EVDL] Ranger Conversion Amps & Warm Motor Okay?

I had a Ranger EV conversion with a 9-inch ADC motor, 120-volt batery pack
and 500-amp controller. That truck was slow as I'm sure yours is. My
couldn't be hurried to accelerate from a stop or to climb a hill without
heating the motor.

You should be measuring motor current, not battery current. To keep the
temperature reasonable, keep the motor rpm up and the motor current under
amps. If that means that drivers behind you are extremely distressed, so be
it. You
have to decide whether you want your motor to live or whether you want to
accelerate and climb with the fast traffic. I got used to climbing hills at
half the speed
of the others as I hope you will.

I live on a hill and the last half mile coming home is
uphill and steep. I climbed that hill in 1st gear at about 200 amps and
15mph which was
plenty with a hot motor and a tiring battery pack. I could have climbed in
2nd gear
at about 25 mph and 350-400 amps but I wanted to spare the motor and
My next door neighbor with an F-150 would tease me about my slow truck.

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Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 6:07 PM
Subject: [EVDL] Ranger Conversion Amps & Warm Motor Okay?

> Good EVening, EVeryone;
> I have two questions about what's typical in amp draw and a warm motor
> when I drive. I just got my Ranger EV conversion to run two Mondays ago.
> Since then I've been taking several runs including longer drives to
> determine range.
> Q1 - I'm noticing that I seem to consistently draw from 200 to 450 amps in
> each gear (2nd, 3rd, 4th) to get up to speed and in climbing hills (and
> sometimes I'm still not going the posted speed limit). I appear to
> maintain 50mph at 100amps. Is this normal?
> Q2 - My 9" ADC motor smells like it's warming up the windings after each
> trip. I've felt for temp and it's been warm. Today it was down right hot
> to the touch after a 8-mile trip to town and back. I put a meter on the
> temp switch pigtails after I got home to make sure that they weren't
> closed (indicating a high-temp condition). Is this high temp thing
> normal?
> Thanks for your guidance in advance!
> Dave "Still EV Grinning" O
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