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Re: [EVDL] Ranger Conversion Amps & Warm Motor Okay?

Dave, I'm afraid I'm missing a couple of vital pieces.
a) If you are pulling that many battery amps from
floodies, not good.
If you are talking controller amps to the motor,
you're going to be okay, especially if you're talking
about the 400-450 from a dead stop only, and not
The other thing is that the motors are made to really
heat up to the touch. They have insulation, and are
built to specs such that they can handle it.
Obviously, you haven't given us _specific_ temps, but
you never described it as "burning hot omigosh, OUCH!"
so I'm going to say it sounds like mine, which is 3200
lbs., and 8" armature.

--- Dave Oliveria <[email protected]> wrote:

> Good EVening, EVeryone;
> I have two questions about what's typical in amp
> draw and a warm motor when I drive. I just got my
> Ranger EV conversion to run two Mondays ago. Since
> then I've been taking several runs including longer
> drives to determine range.
> Q1 - I'm noticing that I seem to consistently draw
> from 200 to 450 amps in each gear (2nd, 3rd, 4th) to
> get up to speed and in climbing hills (and sometimes
> I'm still not going the posted speed limit). I
> appear to maintain 50mph at 100amps. Is this
> normal?
> Q2 - My 9" ADC motor smells like it's warming up the
> windings after each trip. I've felt for temp and
> it's been warm. Today it was down right hot to the
> touch after a 8-mile trip to town and back. I put a
> meter on the temp switch pigtails after I got home
> to make sure that they weren't closed (indicating a
> high-temp condition). Is this high temp thing
> normal?
> Thanks for your guidance in advance!
> Dave "Still EV Grinning" O
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