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Re: [EVDL] Ranger Conversion Amps & Warm Motor Okay?

Blowers are very effective at keeping motors cool. After the blower on my
car died, a trip into town brings the motor case to "warm". With the
blower functioning, it rarely got much above "ambient"...

I also tend to accelerate with 200-350 battery amps (400A limit on the
Zilla) and need about 150 amps for 55MPH with a 114V pack of T-105s. My VW
is 3600 pounds (!) with an Impulse 9" motor. I just topped 1.5 years and
6,000 miles with no signs of battery degradation. I've equalized twice
over the last year, and I water every 3 months - usually about 1 gallon


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