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Re: [EVDL] * Re: Electric Sun Buggy

David Roden wrote:

> If you were running your cars for an hour a day each,
> it'd be easier. But running 8 hours a day flat out
> means that you have to have at least 8 hours' worth
> of battery on hand - let's say that's 4 packs per car,
> since your customers take them out for 2 hours at a
> pop - all charged and ready to go every morning.

I think it would mean "only" 2 packs per car, with the spare pack being
recharged during the 2hrs+ that the other is in use (2hrs per trip +
transport to/from the trip site + a lest a few minutes of down time
between trips to allow for such things as the battery swap).

The charger doesn't have to be able to fully charge the pack, but only
to get it full enough that it won't be too deeply discharged by the end
ot the day. That is, you can run a deficit as long as the battery is
(for instance) not below 80%DOD after its last cycle of the day.

I suspect a pack of YTs isn't going to cut it here. Neon's buggy isn't
a completely dissimilar vehicle and IIRC 120V of YTs was said to give
him about a 20mi maximum range.

This is likely the bigger challenge to the 2hr tour: carrying anough
energy onboard to last a full 2hrs. I suspect that shorter tours may
not be practical since the photos on the site suggest the vehicles are
trailered to the tour site and it may not make sense to spend 15-30min
(more?) in transit each way for just 1hr in the buggy.

> At 1 hour charging for 2 hours of use, you'd need about 50%
> more vehicles than you now have (right?), so you can have
> one down charging while two are out running. Now we're up
> to 75 cars.

This is sort of the extreme case, which assumes a transition to 100% Evs
in the fleet. I expect that the change to EVs would be gradual, with
EVs replacing a few of the ICE buggies that get retired from time to

One possibility is to only have the EVs go out every other trip, at
least initially, so that there is 2hrs+/- between uses for opportunity

If the EVs can be based on a 72V system, then there are commercial
fast-charging solutions available today off-the-shelf (e.g. LSV-100 from
eTec in AZ).

The cost of the energy itself is unlikely an issue; your figures
estimated less than $3/day per EV, which is about the cost of 1 gallon
of fuel for the ICE. 4 30-40mi trips daily is 120-160mi, so I expect
the ICE is using a couple gallons of fuel daily anyway.

> One other thought. Cost questions aside, I'll bet that part
> of the thrill of these rides is the roar of the engine as
> they're gunning it up those hills. Consider what some
> people say about electric drag racing - exciting to watch,
> but something's missing. That something is the racket!

That would be me ;^>

> We're trained almost from birth to assocate noise with
> excitement and power

I think this is the key; it is a learned association, so the older one
is the more ingrained it is likely to be (at least until one gets old
enough to start appreciating silence more ;^).

My kids haven't developed this association (yet!); they love riding in
my EV because it is "faster" (this is what they tell me) than our gas

One could take advantage of the EV's silence as a feature, perhaps by
installing a stereo in the buggy now that the passengers could actually
hear it...



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