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Re: [EVDL] * Re: How to equalize charge Trojan T-125s?

Deanne Mott wrote:

> The Soneil supposedly has a desulphating phase, but it never went into
> it (indicated by blinking LED) probably because the batteries were
> already mostly charged by the main pack charger. I'm not sure if
> desulphating works anyways?

The desulphating phase is only intended to get the batteries to accept
charge sufficiently well that the charger can proceed to charge normally
rather than faulting out.

> It might be awhile before I download data. I spent a little time on
> it already and between Windoze hyperterminal, the Paktrakr, and a
> serial-USB cable/converter I'm not getting something to communicate.
> I got the Paktrakr option that includes 4G of flash memory that can
> save a few hours of data (one poll of everything per second.)

I believe you mean 2Mb, not 4Gb (though 4Gb would be nice ;^).

The data logging serial interface (ES1R) communicates at 56k4, 8N1, no
flow control while the standard serial interface (ES1) communicates at
19k2, 8N1, no flow control; are you using the right settings for your

Also, you might want to check with the Ken Hall if all else fails since
they did ship some of the devices with an incorrect resistor value such
that it may not communicate properly with every PC even though every
interface continued to communicate with the PC used in PakTrakr
production. (Both of our ES1Rs had this problem and were returned to
PakTrakr/Ken for updating.)



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